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all these and many other things, weighed him down on his journey. He looks long and searchingly at the "miracle" - satisfying himself, as he is used to do, by means of the outward eye. The triumph of Humility still tries his understanding.

The Nativity Window

The Artist Karl Parsons (1884-1934)

Explains Its Symbolism

From Oxhey Church Magazine May, 1916  

The ideas conveyed by the window are not and could not be capable of anything approaching full expression in terms of language. The matter rests ultimately with the perspective and receptive capacity of the spectator. The window may be called a "Nativity Window", but the point of view is a contemplative one and there is no attempt at the realistic presentation of an historical event. Further pictures are here.

Inventory of All Stained Glass

With a few exceptions, the windows in the north and south aisles relate to the miracles and parables in St Matthew's Gospel. Concealed in The Lady Chapel is a most beautiful window of The Nativity by Karl Parsons. Otherwise the windows are not of great quality, their narrowness giving little artistic scope. Clockwise from the north west door they are:

Location Subject and description

North aisle 1 Jesus walking on the water. In memory of Ralph Reginald Smyth Jones (1885-1912) who died in Bombay.

North aisle 2 Depicts St Cecilia. A memorial of the 1914-18 War from the Girl's Guild of St Cecilia.

North aisle 3 The risen Christ. In memory of Noel Montague Charles Dudley (1897-1916), killed on the Somme.

North aisle 4 Plain

North aisle 5 The parable of the lost sheep. In memory of Florence Mabel Tripp, who died aged 4 years.

North aisle 6 The Sunday School window of Jesus calming the sea. Dedicated 1898.

Apse (N S) St Mark (north apse) St Luke (south apse). In memory of Robert Savill, first churchwarden.

Apse St Matthew and St John. September 1887, in memory of William Arthur Tooke

Centre apse Christ the Good Shepherd.

Lady Chapel The Crucifixion. Tribute to Rev'd Newton Price

South aisle 1 The Nativity by Karl Parsons (1884-1934).

South aisle 2 and 3 The parables of the Sower and of the Hidden Treasure. These two are in memory of Canon Townshend and his sister, who helped the church in its early days.

South aisle 4 The parable of the Dragnet. In memory of Elizabeth Harrison and son George.

South aisle 5 The parable of the Talents. In memory of W Hounsfield of Oxhey Hall.

South aisle 6 and 7 The baptism of Jesus and Jesus blessing the children. In memory of David Carnegie of Eastbury House.

West Wall Moses before the burning bush. In memory of Catherine Savill.

The King with the peacock’s ‘eye’ on his shoulder.

For more information about the Life and Work of Karl Parsons, see Gordon Lawson’s articles on Wikipedia: