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The Parish Church of

St Matthew Oxhey

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Fr David Shepherd

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Changes to Oxhey Chapel 1897

We are very fortunate to have scans of the original photographs of the changes made to the chapel at this time by the Blackwell’s architect J. E. K. Cutts.

John Edward Knight Cutts (1847 - 1938) was a prolific church architect. Born on 20 March 1847 in Nottinghamshire, he died on 20 August 1938, near Acton, Ontario, Canada. The photographs have been supplied by his great grandson Tom Andrews, who lives in Ontario.

J. E. K. Cutts

13 Sept 1911

Oxhey Chapel from the South East

Oxhey Chapel from the South

Oxhey Chapel altar rails

Oxhey Chapel Interior Looking East

Teak Wall Panels

Oxhey Chapel Interior Looking West