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St Matthew Oxhey

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Fr David Shepherd

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Handbell Ringing


From the beginning of the 20th Century, St. Matthew's had a tradition of handbell ringing. On the left is a board from the ringing chamber commemorating a ring of 5,040 changes in 2 hours 18 minutes, on Wednesday October 26th October 1904,  performed on 8 handbells.

Mrs Doreen Doe has a 78 rpm record from the 1930s of handbell ringing, performed by Henry Hodgetts and Fred Brinklow from St. Matthew's and two other members of the Hertford Handbell Ringers.

Although the record is  old and scratchy, the sound of the bells is very soothing - like minimalist music - and there are occasional interjections, probably from Henry Hodgetts, giving directions to the ringers. If you have a broadband Internet connection (or you are very patient on dial-up!) you can listen to these mp3 transfers of the original recording:

The record label says:

Personal Recordings
E I Howlett
8 Chester Drive
North Harrow
Spliced Surprise Major
Rung on handbells by four members of the Hertford County Association



Side 1

Size 1.7 Mb playing time

4 mins 17 secs


Side 2

Size 1.5 Mb playing time

3 mins 39 secs


Board in the ringing chamber in our tower