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The Parish Church of

St Matthew Oxhey

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Fr David Shepherd

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NB Copies of previous minutes of meetings can be found on this website at archive.html

These can be used as templates for meetings and are useful for the Election of Churchwardens/APCM, where there are often only minor changes from year to year.


These two meeting occur annually, usually in April and follow very similar formats from year to year, so that documents can be reused, with only minor changes from year to year.

The Timetable, Forms and other documentation for these meetings is on the Diocese’s website at



At least 2 Sundays before these meetings:

Election of Churchwardens

This a very short meeting, held just before the APCM.


At the meeting:


Count the number people present.

Record the names of the proposer and seconder to agree the previous minutes.

After the meeting:

File the signed copy of the minutes of last year’s meeting in the Minutes Book in the inner vestry.


Place the results of Churchwardens’ elections on the porch notice board for 14 days.

Send the completed and signed Certificate of Election of Churchwardens to

Mrs Denise Crabb, Secretary to Archdeacon of St Albans,

6 Sopwell Lane

St Albans




At the meeting:


At the Meeting

At this meeting the following are presented to the congregation:

The following are elected:

The following are appointed:

There may also be remarks by the Vicar, reports from church organisations and other matters of interest.


After the meeting

Signed minutes of the previous year’s APCM are filed in the Minutes book.

Trustee Declarations for new PCC Members are filed in the vestry.

Write, agree the minutes with the Chairman and email them to the website.

The following go on the notice board in the porch for 14 days:

Email to the Diocese (Lynne Griffiths) and the Watford Deanery Secretary (post vacant 5/2015)  :

(The Treasurer will normally send copies of annual report, accounts and the financial return to the Diocese.)