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St Matthews Church Oxhey Hertfordshire

Fr David's Sermon

10th April 2009

Fr David Shepherd

Good Friday

The unfortunate priest gets to preach seven sermons on Good Friday. In many a church but less than in former times the three hours devotion is kept. People can come and go & thus escape the bad preacher but not so the clergy. I can remember freezing through such a service in Wilmslow when I was a curate after the Rector told me to give my cloak to the elderly reader – young blood. There we had so many clergy & readers that we only had to do one sermon each. Usually the sermons were on the seven last words of Jesus on the Cross as recorded by the four evangelists.

Today we only have an hour - & St. John who gives us three sets of last words. So before we venerate the cross of Christ – a cross rough hewn for us by the workshop of the New Hope Trust – a sacramental sign of the suffering of the homeless – we can reflect on Jesus’ words.

So now knowing ourselves to be bound in deep familial ties to the Lord, knowing ourselves in all our fragility and weakness to be the church, we bring to Jesus the needs of humanity as we make intercession in the power of the Spirit, that Jesus gives to us.


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