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St Matthews Church Oxhey Hertfordshire

Fr David's Sermon

7th October 2007

Fr David Shepherd

Trinity XVIII

Remember a few years ago how we were encouraged to get the ‘Abbey habit’? Most of us have the ‘church habit’. It brings us hear each week. It’s not something we often think about. Most of us come out of habit. We always done it; it’s part of the pattern of our lives. Coming to church through habit is no bad thing. Older religious writing often talked about ‘habit’. Christian people were encouraged to get into the habit of saying their prayers. They were admonished to root out habits of sin.

That said the problem with habit is that it becomes just that. We forget why we do things. They lose their meaning becoming dead and lifeless. If we want a living faith that commends itself to others then we need to get beyond habit to the deeper meaning.

I like the collects and prayers of the liturgy. Yes, we often say them by habit and yet they become part of us too. Often they take the form of a mini sermon or meditation. If we ask ‘why are we here’ then today’s post communion gives us the answer.

It is good for us to have the habit of church going but Christ calls us beyond habit. It is good to spend time reflecting on how this is so. Before or after we receive communion we can make that prayer our own.


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