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St Matthews Church Oxhey Hertfordshire

Fr David's Sermon

30th April 2006

Fr David Shepherd

Annual Parochial Church Meeting 2006

By now you’ll all have heard of ‘Vision for Action’, especially if you read your ‘See Round’. Every parish is invited to think about its life and work in the light of five aims and also to share stories, skills and insights with other churches within the deanery and diocese. It has been going now since last year and it coincides with and fits in with our 125 celebrations. Today at our APCM we can use the five aims to take stock and look forward.

In these few brief thoughts on the five aims of vision for action, there is a risk of being platitudinous. The challenge for us all is to make them come alive. That means being personal. Christianity is always about the personal sharing of our stories with others and of receiving the gospel personally into our lives. It is about personal and shared relationships with God.

Vision for Action Prayer

Almighty God and heavenly Father,
open our eyes
to see you at work in our world:
grant us wisdom in using our gifts,
grace to enliven our churches,
and courage to transform our communities.
By your Holy Spirit,
equip us for the challenge ahead,
excite us to follow your vision
and empower us in witness and service.
To you be the glory
through Jesus our Saviour
and mighty Redeemer.


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