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St Matthews Church Oxhey Hertfordshire

Fr David's Sermon

28th September 2003

Fr David Shepherd

Trinity 15

'...because the frailty of man without thee cannot but fall...' (BCP Collect Trinity 15)

Looking at today's readings the first thing that struck me was their great variety. In fact they seem 'a bit of a dog's dinner'. In the new lectionary the readings are not meant to be related, or to follow a theme, but today's set seem a particular mismatch.

Looking at them again I noticed they have much to say about the realities of our human condition and the divine remedy for our failings. At the end I noticed the Post Communion prayer, itself a bowdlerised version of the Prayer Book Collect for today.

As often the collect provides both a good commentary and reflection on the readings. (You'll forgive me if I refer to the Prayer Book Version.)