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Fr David's Sermon

5th January 2003

Fr David Shepherd


The Three Kings

Go to Cologne Cathedral and you can see the Shrine of the Three Kings - a splendid edifice of high Gothic and testimony to the faith of the Middle Ages and also to the miraculous survival of the Cathedral from destruction during allied bombing. Whether the three Wisemen really were buried there must be doubted but their shrine is a reminder of the fascination the Wisemen have held over Christians down the ages.

Today, Epiphany, or what the Prayer Book describes as the manifestation of Our Lord to the Gentiles is in a sense their feast as well as being a major feast of Our Lord.

What can they teach us?

The Wisemen give us valuable clues as to how to live the Christian life. Like them we will be willing to search for the truth and travel to find it. Like them we will be critical of temporal power and unafraid of ridicule. We will be people who respond to God's gifts in worship and by giving from our treasures. We will open to change as the way to life.


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